Ultrasound at Medisch Kwartier  in Amsterdam

Doctor Esselink is a certified medical sonographer. At the request of your doctor she performes abdominal and gynecological ultrasounds.


Ultrasonography is done with a ‘microphone’ that emits sound waves and picks them up again. The sound waves are converted into images. The examination is carried out on the exposed part of the body on which gel is applied. The gel will be removed afterwards. The ultrasound takes about 20 minutes and is neither painful or dangerous. An inner vaginal ultrasound is performed if the uterus and / or ovaries should be assessed. This is done with a “probe” that will be placed intravaginal.


For some examinations you need preparation.

  • Ultrasound upper abdomen: 6 hours in advance you should not eat, drink or smoke. Under certain circumstances you can drink some water, especially if you use medication.
  • Ultrasound bladder/ urinary system: one hour prior to the exam, you need to empty your bladder. Then drink 1 liter of water (coffee / tea) and you should not go to the toilet. It is important that your bladder is full before commencing the exam.
  • Ultrasound of small parts, MSU, DVT and vaginal ultrasound: these examinations require no preparation.

More info

See patient information leaflet ultrasound under ‘Documents‘ (in Dutch).


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