If you are registered to have a flu vaccination, you received the invitation for this in your mailbox last week. The vaccinations are scheduled for the 2nd half of October and in the letter you will find the date and time you can come to the practice.

 Unfortunately we can only give the vaccination on the date and time as stated in your invitation.

This year we have to make an effort to receive a large group of people ‘safely’ in our practice, taking into account the risk of Corona infection. We hope for your understanding.

Some of the people are also invited for a pneumococcal vaccination. This will be indicated in the invitation you received.


For more information:

 If you have not been invited for a  flu vaccination and /or you have no medical indication for this, but you would like to be vaccinatined?

Then call us in November to ask if there are any vaccines left. If not, you can get a prescription to buy the vaccine from your pharmacy.