Student doctor at Medisch Kwartier Oude Houthaven Amsterdam

Last year more students have come to live in the area of our general practice. We see them as a specific group with their own needs and desires. It can be a huge change to start living independently in a big city. Especially in the beginning it might be difficult to find your way, also when it concerns health issues. When you come to live in Amsterdam as a student, it is advisable to have a family doctor that can help to find the right help and information, and provide support and care for health problems.

In addition to general medical conditions, students can come to us for

  • STD examinations
  • Questions about contraception
  • Support for psychological complaints
  • Addiction



Useful links for students

  • Reliable information on symptoms and syndromes (in Dutch)
  • Travel – and (in Dutch)
  • Addiction –
  • Sexually transmitted diseases – (in Dutch)
  • Information on contraception – (in Dutch)
  • Assistance in the field of contraception, unwanted pregnancy and sexuality –
  • Psychological symptoms – see website under ‘partners’: psychologist, psychiatrist. Feel free to make an appointment with the doctor to assess what help and support is needed. *Online suicide prevention –