Do you have a complaint or suggestion?

We would like to provide the best care and clear communication. For this a mutual trust is very important. Despite the good intentions and efforts of the members of our team, it can happen that you find your therapist approached you carelessly or incorrectly.

If you are not satisfied or have a complaint we’d like to hear from you. You’re invited to discuss the problem in confidence. Make an appointment with your doctor to clarify the issue. Usually this solves a lot of ambiguities.

In case the problem is not solved, you can discuss your complaint with een independent and impartial Complaint Officer. Together with you they will look for a solution to your problem. Phone number Complaint Officer: 088-0229292. If this does not suffice you can ask a ruling on your complaint by the ‘Geschilleninstantie Huisartsenzorg’. Information can be found here.

Click here for the form ‘Complaint or Suggestion’.



Complaint form

Or fill out the complaint form. This can be found in ‘Documents’. You can submit the form to the assistant or e-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Commission for Complaints GP’s Amsterdam (HKA)

If we do not collectively reach a satisfactory solution, you can file a written complaint with the independent HKA to which our practice is associated. No costs will be involved.