About the webapp of Medisch Kwartier

The web application is a new service, developed and provided by Medisch Kwartier Oude Houthaven. The app is available through any web browser, whether you are using a PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet. No need for additional software, just visit our website and the app will be ready to assist you. The application enables you to deal with the most basic functions related to GP visits, without calling or visiting the practice. We developed several applications that help us to keep you in good health and which you can easily use. Take a quick tour! If you are experiencing any problems with using the application, please contact us.


Schedule your appointment with our webapp

You can now schedule your appointments without having to call the practice.

Choose Make appointment, then simply choose the type of consultation, the date, time and duration of the appointment. Choose Any available doctor when you need an appointment on short notice.

You will receive an email confirmation reminding you of the appointment details. You can load the appointment directly into your Google or iCal calendar.



For many non-urgent health issues you can request an E-consult. We will respond to your questions ASAP, but usually within two workdays.

Your correspondence will be saved for 6 months in My safe, where it is available to you.


Refill prescription

With Refill prescription, you can check your chronic medication. This information is available to you at any time.

Use this application to refill your chronic medication prescription.

Your prescription is send to your pharmacy.

Important notice: this application is for chronic medication only.


My safe

My safe collects and archives your activity on our application for six months.

Here you can follow your E-consult correspondence, check the list of active medication, see your lab results and diagnostic tests, with the doctors’ advice or comment.

This saves you a call or a visit to the practice. If you have questions after reading the advice or comments, you can consult the doctor by E-consult.


Your medical information is safe with us

The application and the system running it, are developed using certified network systems and custom software, guaranteeing your privacy as much as possible. Any information you provide is saved and used in the practice only and will not be shared with third parties.

Access to the application is verified using the PUK access code send by SMS, username and password.